Apnea Balear offers you freediving courses for all levels, introduction, advanced and top level focused on deep freediving or competition. We also impart interesting courses in specialization like “Monofin”, “Freediving training” or “Free Immersion”.
Check our calendar of activities to find out more about the dates and places of the programmed courses.

If you prefer, ask us to personalize your freediving course by organizing a private schedule for one or more persons.

Our freediving courses are issued through the well-respected companies S.S.I., whose certifications are recognized internationally.

Find out what our courses offer you…

Freediving courses

Try Freediving

Learn the basic techniques of freediving and enjoy a freedive experience in one day…

165 Euro VAT included

Basic Freediving

Discover Feediving and its sensations through basic techniques, investing little time and with an economical price…

245 Euro VAT included



Become a freediver by taking advantage of your personal resources to dive in the most natural, sporting and ecological way…

365 Euro VAT included

Advanced Freediver

Increase your potential and emotions by progressing through advanced freediving techniques…

385 Euro VAT included

Combined Freediving course Level 1 + Level 2

The ideal course for those who have previous experience and wish to evolve effectively and safely …

499 Euro VAT included

Performance Freediver

The essential course to get into Deep Freediving with pleasure and safety…

395 euro VAT included

Specialized freediving courses

Freediving training course

Learn to design and control training sessions for freediving…

299 Euro VAT included

React Right course

Knowing how to act appropriately in the face of accidents or emergencies…

165 Euro VAT included

Monofin Freediving

Learn the most natural, effective and fun way to move in the aquatic environment…

299 Euro VAT included