Freediving training in the pool

It is a program of continuous training in the swimming pool, specific for sports carried out in freediving and open to residents on the island of Mallorca.

Its design has been made through the knowledge acquired by our instructors, after a long road of dedication to their sports training, freediving competition and the own experimentation as trainers of freedivers.

The main objective of the sessions of freediving in swimming pool is the technical, physical and mental improvement to progress in the practice of any sport or activity carried out in freediving.

Also, this training plan is an ideal activity for those who feel at ease in the aquatic environment, and wish to stay in good health, while enjoying a pleasant and relaxing sport session.

Given the design of the training, and the different established groups according to the sport level and personal capacity, this activity is suitable for practitioners with initiation or advanced level.

The sessions are directed and supervised at all times by professional trainers of Apnea Balear, who control and correct the multiple exercises that are carried out, thus guaranteeing the correct learning and safety in the training.

This activity also makes it possible to interrelate with other practitioners of activities related to freediving, with whom experiences are shared inside and outside the trainings.

Equipment to be used

  • Mask
  • Tube
  • Fins
  • Neoprene suit
  • Weight belt
  • Swimming cap
  • Swimming trunks/swimsuit

* Our center has rental equipment if required.


  • Minimum age of 14 years
  • Freediving medical certificate (not older than one year)
  • Certification as Freediver
  • Completed registration document

Palma level 1

Polideportivo La Salle

Monday and Wednesday from 21:20h to 22:20h
Price: 73 Euros monthly

Palma level 2

Polideportivo La Salle

Tuesday and Thursday from 21:20h to 22:20h
Price: 73 Euros monthly


Piscina Municipal De Lloseta

Tuesday and Thursday from 19:30h to 20:30h
Price: 73 Euros monthly

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