Depth training for all levels

Our school offers you the possibility of going beyond your depth limits and to benefit experiences in the blue, in an effective, fun and safe way.

Therefore we have a team of experienced instructors and trainers committed to their work, whose objective is to convey confidence and good feelings during the training sessions, depending on the personal objectives of each freediver.

In addition, the weather and environmental conditions of the Mallorcan waters, provide an ideal environment for the practice of freediving, with warm and transparent waters, and a natural coastal enclave of unique beauty.

The most recommended time for those who focus on depth training (beyond 30m) is from June to October, when the water temperature ranges between 23 and 29 degrees. For the training up to 30m depth, at all seasons of the year, is adequate using the appropriate equipment on which we will advise you in detail.

Weekly trainings in groups from June to October

schedules and locations:

  • Wednesday: 17:00h to 19:30h
  • Sundays: 9:15h to 11:30h and 11:30h to 13:30h
  • usual boarding point: Port of Sóller
  • alternative boarding point (depending on weather conditions): Port of Andratx


  • 1 session 48 Euros
  • 3 or more sessions 38 Euros / session
  • pack of 10 sessions 278 Euros

requirements to participate in the trainings:

  • at least Freediving level 1 certification
  • diving insurance for freediving (we can process it to you)
  • medical certificate for freediving (date of issue not older than 1 year)

Private trainings

For trainings up to 30m depth, we leave from the coast or optionally by boat.

For trainings of more than 30m depth, we always leave by boat (duration of the session 2 hours).


  • training with the boat – embark point in Port of Sóller or Port of Andratx
  • training leaving from the coast – embark point is agreed in a customized way


  • 1 person 105 Euros
  • additional fee per freediver 25 Euros (a maximum of 8 freedivers per group)

training leaving from the coast:

  • 1 person 90 Euros
  • additional fee per freediver 25 Euros

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