Discover the world of freediving

The word Apnea comes from the Greek Ápnoia and means without breathing. As for what our activity refers to, we define apnea or freediving as the suspension of pulmonary ventilation on a voluntary basis and for a certain period of time, during which we carry out different sports or leisure activities and remain generally submerged. It is a unique sport that incorporates technical learning, physical preparation and a great extent of controlling the relaxation of body and mind. All this, together with the natural instinct and abilities possessed by the human being for diving in apnea, gives the practitioner the following possibilities and benefits:

  • Connect us with the sea and the underwater world in the most natural, sporting and ecological way.

  • The inner discovery of our body and mind, through the sensations and experiences produced by practicing freediving, which gives us an effective mental and emotional self-control.

  • The continued training of freediving is a great resource of physical and mental health, performing a complete conditioning work that is also reflected in the improvement of the body appearance.

  • We increase the sporting potential, the fun and the safety for the performance of any sport or activity carried out in freediving.

Activities in freediving

Modalities in competition in freediving