Freediving as a sport

Freediving as a sport is a journey of personal improvement, over which a series of sensations and experiences are taking place that will grant to those who practice it. Further an increasingly deep knowledge about yourself and your capabilities results to continue evolving in the aquatic environment.

This accumulation of experiences and regular and constant training of freediving, encourage the freediver to have a good self-control during the practice of freediving, which translates into a greater potential, fun and safety.

Apnea can be practiced and trained in search of various objectives:

  • One can be for reasons of pure entertainment and fun, at the same time we remain in good physical and mental health.
  • Another objective is focused on improving our potential in putting into practice of any activity in free lungs such as photography, filming, recreational excursions in freediving or underwater fishing.
  • One additional motivation could be the competition freediving in any of its various modalities.