” Apnea Balear ” was founded on the island of Mallorca in 2008, by its current director Juan Amengual. This made us the first center-school of Freediving in the Balearic Islands and pioneers in Spain, specialized in activities in Apnea.

Our professional philosophy and as a school, rises from the real passion for Freediving, for this sport and the love of marine nature, as well as the spirit of improvement and constant effort to maintain ourselves at the highest standard. This way, we offer our students and members of the school, the best teaching and quality in the activities we perform.

The objective of our center is the introduction to the world of Freediving with learning courses, the realization of training at sea and in swimming pools for any level, the professional development of instructors and hiking. All this in a family and companionship environment.

The location of our school-center in Palma de Mallorca, and our trips to the islands of Menorca and Cabrera, give us the opportunity to train Freediving and visit the natural beauties of the Balearic coasts in an idyllic setting with calm, transparent and warm waters.

We are waiting for you soon to share the indescribable experiences that Freediving offers us!

What activities do we offer?

  • Discover and dive into the world of freediving by a basic course. (more info)
  • Courses of advanced level, assimilating and putting into practice knowledge that allows an adequate progression as freediver. (more info)
  • Take part in an effective and enjoyable continuous training plan in the pool, to develop technically, physically and mentally. (more info)
  • Execute a training plan at the sea, increase our dive levels with safety and pleasure. (more info)
  • Professional training for Freediving Instructors at all levels. (more info)
  • Organization of courses in any Spanish province.
  • Enjoy our countless beautiful places, as well as marine reserves, through guided diving excursions in freediving or snorkeling in the most interesting areas of the Balearic coast. (more info)
  • Sale, rental and advice on specific material for freediving. (more info)
  • Processing of licenses and insurance for activities executed in freediving. (more info)