Dragonera Island



  • low (East zone), medium (West zone)


  • half-day


  • by boat

Time period

  • all year

Dragonera Island is located in the South-West of Mallorca and around a mile away from the coast. Its shape is elongated of a length of 3,2 km. Its territory is declared as a Natural Park, and its coastal waters listed as marine reserve. The island has three big and beautiful lighthouses. One of them, the “Far Vell” or “Na Popia”, is located in the central and highest part of the island (352m).

Its surrounding waters offer us several possibilities. One is to dive in the area of the Levant, where we can find many islands with diversified and luminous rock background, sandy bottoms and Neptungras inhabited by many sedentary species characteristic of the Mediterranean Sea. Another possibility is to dive at the west side, and in the north and south parts of the island, where the waters are deeper and it is possible to see large marine species such as grouper, the greater amberjack or the dentex.

During the trip with the boat around the island, we can enjoy contemplating the abrupt and spectacular cliffs, where several species of eagles, as well as cormorants and seagulls. It is also possible to do some of the various authorized hiking trails on the island, from where you can enjoy spectacular sea and land views of the Dragonera and Mallorca islands.


Freediving equipment to be used

  • Mask
  • Tube
  • Fins for Freediving or Snorkeling
  • Neoprene suit
  • Weight belt
  • Flashlight or submarine focus

* Our center has rental equipment if required.



  • Diving insurance for freediving (we can process it for you)

Price for the scheduled excursion


Price for a private excursion

half day › from 9:30 to 13:30 › 1 dive

  • 1 person
  • additional fee per extra person
205 Euros
26 Euros

complete day › from 9:30 to 17:30 › 2 dives

  • 1 person
  • additional fee per extra person
268 Euros
26 Euros

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